Remix of Jens' 2015 Spirograph

In 2015, Jens made this project and I remember I immediately wanted to remix it; but forgot... until 2021.

Here's my remix.

You can set the three (red, yellow and blue) velocity watchers (sliders) to any value between minimum -4 and maximum 4.

Try dragging the red velocity to negative 2 (for example).

The (0, -2, 2) combination looks like number 0.

The (0, -2, 3) combination is a strange shape.

The (-2, 2, -4) combination has three eyes.

The (-1, 0, 3) produces a ring-like shape.


My favorite one is the (0, -2, -4) combination, because it looks like a turtle.

The (-2, -2, -2), (-2, -2, 2), (-2, -2, -3) and (-2-, 2, -4) all resemble the 8-like shape, the latter two with additional ornaments.

The (-2, -2, 3) looks like a cylinder with a twist.

The (-2, 2, -4) looks like a boat seen from above.

The (-2, -2, 4) looks like two baskets.

The (2, -2, 2) looks like a smiling face.

What are your favorites?

Screenshot 2021-11-10 2.42.56 PM
Fairly simple, but I like this one, it looks like an eye (Sclera, Iris, even the pupil is there)
I went in and set Green's spin to 0 so I could see some simpler shapes

With enough parts of the right length, right initial direction, and right spin, you can actually make any shape at all!

Edit: added "right initial direction, "

I know, it's so cool to think about, and quite honestly I thought that this project was going to show something like that. But that doesn't stop this from being really cool.

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Yes, I don't have a way to get my normal profile picture, but I like the itch io one a lot more than (M)

Hm. Interesting.
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Here's an example of it that I made: Snap! 6.9.2 Build Your Own Blocks

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Sometimes I give feedback about updates and stuff...Either they don't listen to my feedback or they are too busy.

I was messing around a bit with green's spin and ended up making it go so fast it duplicated. Then I decided to add the "write" block and got something that's really cool.

That's the kind of a (re-)remix that I'm a great fan of.

Yours deserves its own forum topic titled "*Re-*Remix of Jens' 2015 Spirograph" for example. I really love it.

I hope your remix will be among the first ones featured in the requested additional band at the main community site.

It already has one: Fourier series / Drawing with circles