Remade snap with snap

In this project (not yet completed), i've try to simplify the palette by redoing somes blocks just for fun !

Operators, lists and variables categories are not yet completed
(like BH said: When things slow down !)

It's a good exercise !

The rules:

Do not use primitive blocks

remade snap with snap 1.0 script pic (1)
remade snap with snap 1.0 script pic

"No circular programming"(?) allowed

If i choose to use a block to remade another one, you can't remade this block...

remade snap with snap 1.0 script pic (2)

Reusing new blocks in other new blocks

When i remade a block, i try to reuse blocks already remade


These blocks can surely be optimized (or remade in a better way), but that is not the goal here: only try to simplify the original palette...

Look at the motion palette after:
The new motion palette:

All new blocks name started by "new"

Try it: it's fun !

Good exercise :slight_smile:

I know what you mean, but this still cracked me up. :~)

Oh! subpalette or original category