Relabel functionality for custom blocks

The ability to create different custom blocks that can be "relabeled" to each other, just like how the addition block can be relabeled into the other math functions. For example these blocks could all be relabeled to each other:
Screenshot 2024-05-28 at 10.44.30 AM
This would be especially useful for the V10 blocks all the way feature.

But that's already the current behavior.

I did not know that was possible! That is very useful. However, as an extension to my request I would instead be asking for the choice of the custom blocks to not be made automatically, so that if "test" and "test 2" were similar but not similar to "test 3", then only those two would relabel to each other, and if "foo" was a similar function to "bar", or even "buzz" then there would be a way to relabel between them, and only them.

Yeah, that's in the general category of "would be nice, but not high priority." As a workaround, prefix the names of your blocks with some group symbol, e.g., "𝜑 my first block," "𝜑 block two," "𝜑 triblock" so they're near each other in the relabel list.