Refresh problem with [#] for each [item] of [list]

This block has a little problem easy to fix...

There is a WRAP inside this block : can you remove WARP in the next version of snap:

Here's the problem:
Because of the WARP, the message is not send immediatly, so the result of this action (change direction of another sprite) is execute after a delay (.5 sec) instead of being synchronized with the rest of code...

If i remove the WARP inside the block [#] for each [item] of [list]: everything becomes synchronized again

we don't need this warp, if we need it, we put it outside outside the block like this:
(it's not my case: i don't need it in this project)

Sorry for bad english!

Okay, you're right, next release.

thank you, you can close this topic