So there is this thing that I forgot what’s it’s called but is like a copy of something inside another thing that has a smaller copy of that thing inside of it. Like this: Snap! Build Your Own Blocks

Better example: A box, with a smaller box inside of it, which has an even smaller box that is exact to the previous ones, that has another smaller box, and so on.

a boxbox XD

No it has some long name.

I’m really interested in it for some reason though.


YES! but what is the special triangles name?

self reference

a sierpinski


YES! Thank you!

I mean I guess you could also call it self reference but recursion is shorter and means the same thing

Generally "recursion" names a process by which something (such as a picture) is created. The thing itself is a fractal.

It's cool when someone who has you on their Zoom screen shares their screen with you. Then you see a fractal you! (Or, the more low-tech version, you're trying on clothes at the store and they have two mirrors facing each other, not quite parallel.)

Or in elevators with mirrors on the sides. That’s were I first encountered it.