Recreated custom block from manual and it's not working!

On page 62 of the manual I tried using the new object block but it says" Inside: Error a variable of name 'message' does not exist in this context
" I am guessing it is because we never gave an input for 'message' but then why does the manual say not to?

Page 62 of the manual doesn't have the word "object" on it. Could you send a screenshot of which page you are looking at, and the custom block you have made?

They have an old, pre-5.0 manual; it's page 68 of the new manual.

@attikitty Did you include the formal parameter MESSAGE in the outer grey ring? And did you use the ASK procedure a little further down the page? (And did you unringify the inner CALL?)

I'm guessing you're not fully understanding the text of that chapter. Ask a question about where you got lost.