Recover deleted items

Currently there is no way to recover deleted sprites. I would like to see a recycle bin or undo button added to Snap! so that we can.

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Good idea. We do have a partial undo button but it won't undelete a sprite. In order to be able to undo anything, we need to remember a lot of state on every user action -- and the situation is complicated by the fact that the program might be doing relevant things at the same time.

Hi bh, hanks for the reply.

Although it might be hard to implement a way to recover deleted items, it would be much easier to implement an "Are you sure you want to delete Sprite?" dialogue box. It puzzles me that custom blocks have this confirmation, while sprites don't.

Oh, hello again!

Yes, that's more plausible. See what we can do. As always, don't hold your breath.