When are recordings of today's talks going to be available?

They took quite a few weeks last year before they became available

:slightly_frowning_face: I hoped to be able to have a look at them before the first session tomorrow

I would say that there is a very low chance of that happening if same as last year

Maybe they could just make available the "What's New In Snap!" recording? It would be really useful to be able to see it again as this is going to be the source of a lot of discussion during the conference

I agree.

I am uploading videos to the Snap! channel on YouTube as we speak.

Note: These are entirely unedited, including chitchat before the session actually started. Also, the sessions with multiple talks in an hour just have one video with all of them. They don't have human-generated captioning the way they're supposed to. People wanted them right away, so here they are, hot off Zoom.

Someday, after we all get some sleep, we'll do some editing.

I left the workshops for last, and I'm not sure I'll get to them before bedtime; it takes a long time to download and upload, especially because I don't know how to convince Zoom to download only the one I want, rather than all eight formats it knows about.

Thanks Brian

Given that I can't use zoom, I hope the videos will be in the youtube channel as soon as possible.

BTW: I can't find anymore in Snap's youtube channel the videos Brian loaded yesterday?

Yeah, everyone yelled at me and I took them down. Sorry! But yes, we're going to try to have them ready more quickly this year.

Which software do you use for editing the videos, Brian? Are you doing the editing all by yourself or does anybody else share the task with you?

Basically I am offering a bit of help; I'd use the Camtasia software, the same one used to make my Lightning Talk (if that's okay).

No, not me, certainly not alone. Jadga offered to take a first pass. I'll pass on the offer.

I suspect it'll just be in QuickTime, but that's just a guess. I don't think the technology is the big issue. We're not trying to make it beautiful, mainly just to chop off the side conversations before each session begins. And maybe when there were three talks in an hour, make three separate videos.

Jadga says she's actually almost done, but maybe we'll take you up on it next year! Thanks.

hey, thanks for offering hep!

As Brian said, I already downloaded most of the sessions and edited most of them (in iMovie). It'll take me 1 or 2 more days to get them all up on youtube (German internet...)

But next time I'm happy to share the work :slight_smile:


p.s.: The videos that I already uploaded are at:
Snap!Con 2021: Snap!Con 2021 - YouTube
Snap!Con 2021 - Workshops: Snap!Con 2021 - Workshops - YouTube
Snap!Con 2021 - Short Talks: Snap!Con 2021 - Short Talks - YouTube
Snap!Con 2021 - Plenaries and Panels:

Thanks a lot for this superfast work Jadga!!