Record while Playing Music ?

A group of students have created a Karaoke Machine that displays lyrics while music plays. Is it possible to record the microphone while music plays?

They are currently recording the singing separately, but it would be fun if they could simultaneously record while the music plays.

Import the Audio comp library. You can do:
add (\:red_circle\: record :: sensing) to (my [sounds v] :: sensing)
Run that, click the record button in the pop-up, then play the music.

that block just uses the existing record function in the sounds tab (which is probably what they're using)

So the basic answer is "sure why not?" with the caveat that your recording will likely include a low-fidelity copy of the instrumental by way of the computer's speakers and microphone.

Oh, yeah; well, my idea is how they can create a program with it.

text can be ambiguous

(text can be ambiguous; that wasn't "Oh, yeah? well" as in I'm trying to counter you; it was "Oh, yeah; well" as in "Why didn't I think of that?")

Just did a quick trial and this method definitely works. Possibly could separate the instrumental from the vocal through use of headsets. Will explore further tomorrow ... thanks for suggesting this method!

A variant of this recording method might be to display a metronome on the stage to control timing / pacing while recording; then play back the vocal track in parallel with the instrumental.