Really stupid lyrics

ik this is kinda off topic but ill post the song on snap

i need lyrics for a song that im going to generate with AI and post it on snap

1 make it very stupid and nonsenical
2 try to add gibberish (optional)
3 you need to add brainrot slangs like skibidi
4 try to mispell it so it looks a 3 year old tried typing it (optional)

I can generate music with AI called Intel OpenVINO, which is free and open source. I'll make it soon.

i really need the lyrics

ill generate the song with suno

Okay, I've prepared the lyrics. Does it look good?

Do you mean you're going to do the AI-generating part in snap?

heres mine


i eet goat cheez and i smell leik stinky skibidi cheez hffkjgh hgiwfgei fhjewfi, alonzo from ohio, all hail alonzo all hail alonzo all hail alonzo all hail alonzo all hail alonzo, the prophet of sna HJKFHJKRJKWWIOEHFFWKFWJK FRHKFIWGH WEJFFIJHQIWASBBK

Very funny :rofl:

song lyrics in OHIO :skull:

Because for me, "ciung" is a joke word from me, so I used it a lot in my jokes.

Your lyrics look chaos.

ok how do i get open-vino in audacity

Getting OpenVINO for Audacity

  1. Go to this page: Releases · intel/openvino-plugins-ai-audacity · GitHub
  2. Go down to Assets, choose the link that starts with "audacity-win-".
  3. The installer file will be downloaded, open that file and follow the on-screen instructions.
  4. Once you've installed OpenVINO, open Audacity, choose Edit > Preferences... > Modules, next to mod-openvino, choose Enabled.
  5. Close and re-open Audacity.
  6. You should now have music generation by Generate > OpenVINO Music Generation...

Hey, what if you put in a song from a game in there? What lyrics would it produce?

update: audacity crashes when i try to use openvino, other ai music generators dont allow my lyrics