real text in costumes

This is not only for backgrounds, if you want to support that, go here.

The text costumes block should work fine, but almost nobody wants to use it. This is because it just doesn't feel right. It would be very tedious and take way too long to make 25 boxes labeled different numbers, but in Scratch it would take seconds, or maybe a minute at most.

You should not have to use coding to make such a simple feature as text in a costume.
The blocks also have other defects, such as only one font, complicated stretching, and they only make a single text box per costume.

This is why any text feature at all in costumes would be a major help to probably everyone using snap.

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Yes, we're aware that this is a big gap. Meanwhile, what we do have is a library called "Text costumes" that uses the WRITE block to capture text into a costume.

As you know, we're in a feature freeze right now, until Jens finishes Morphic 2. He's cautiously talking about a possible summer beta release, to give you a rough idea.

On my personal list of things to do someday is to invent an Object Logo-style text window object that would, I think, be a special kind of costume that instead of a picture has a text buffer that could be read and written both directly by the user and by the program.

In the meantime when I want a nice looking text button I create it elsewhere, export it or take a screenshot, clip it, and drag it (or them) into Snap!. Clumsy but they look very nice.

I don't think, but this code will help:


Hi! Welcome to the forum. Yes, the WRITE block is how the Text Costumes library does it. But it does a little extra work to preserve the previous pen trails, and to capture the text as a costume.

That would be a great feature!