Real-life algorithm (to keep coronavirus at bay)

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Title: Slowing down the covid-19 outbreak: changing behaviour by understanding it.
Date: March 11, 2020
Authors: Susan Michie (et al) , Centre for Behaviour and Department of Clinical, Educational and Health Psychology, University College London.

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Changing behaviour is not easy. However, there are many strategies to help people change behaviour that focus on increasing motivation, capability and/or opportunity to perform the behaviours. Here we focus on strategies that improve motivation or capability.

1: Create a mental model
The figure shows such a model.
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Rather than just telling people * what not to do,* we can tell what they * should do.*
In this case it could be “Keep your hands below shoulder level”

That's a weird picture because it seems like the blue boxes prevent the flow of control following the red arrow from the box. Took me a while to understand it.

I agree. It's not really a 'flow' chart, but more like a 'stop-the-flow' chart.

Red arrows are the flow, which is bad stuff. The green boxes are what you need to do to stop the red arrows. However, if you don't do what's on the green boxes, the arrow just pretends that the green boxes were all just a dream and pass through them. If you don't do anything, OTHERS INHALE DROPLETS and that's bad.

Flow charts are really cool. - Albert Einstein

Are flow charts cool?

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Follow red arrows, which are bad. when see green box, follow instructions, and that stop red. if no do green box, green box no exist and keep follow arrow.

Now I understand the chart; I previously didn't understand it.