Ready for making art for YOUR games!

I'm finally back and I'm ready to make art for your games! I'm pretty good at making cartoony human characters, backgrounds, or even tiles! If you need my art you can ask me to help.

Here are some things I can showcase for my art:
(some of these are WIPs)

Those are great! How about proposing some costumes for our collection? Like this red-haired person in various poses, full-body, no background. (As long as the character isn't from someone else's work, and you're happy to release the costumes CC-BY-NC-SA.) Thanks...

(Maybe without that rectangular speech balloon in the lower left though...)

Wow, the first comic is BASED (first time using that word here probably). This art is all very good, I am very intrigued to see more from you, do you post art anywhere else?

The goblins are among us. Also I really like the art.