Raspberry pi 4 Chromium Browser query

I am using the latest raspberry 4 Model B with the full 4GB ram (with new distro Buster). The Chromium browser is usually OK and seems to be the latest update and I have updated the system os today. But unfortunately SNAP! in Chromium just won't load, not even an error code, it just fails. I presume its a javascript problem but its not duplicated in the same os on any of the earlier pi model B + with exactly the same os. I was wondering if anybody else has this problem on the model 4 B ? Its not critical, just annoying as I have to go back to my laptop.

Seems to work fine for me

Pi4 4GB

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Editing my own post (above) in the same day I posted, there was a solution in the latest MagiPi magazine (Pi 4 special) for those with the first edition of Buster os. Solution was a Firmware (350Mb) update which also fixes some over heating problems found. no mention of Browser but it has fixed it for me. SNAP is back to normal, might even be faster than my laptop now. If anyone else has that problem see MagPi issue 88 (Oct) 2019. MagiPi (free magazine) digital download for all pi users - , (see page 73 for that Firmware update). https://magazines-static.raspberrypi.org/issues/full_pdfs/000/000/302/original/MagPi88.pdf?1574867682