Randomization blocks are broken

Screenshot 2024-04-18 3.27.39 PM
how. just how.

Do you have bignums enabled?


Try saving your project, and reloading. I cannot replicate this error, even with bignums enabled.


nope. still wont work.

Can you share your project? If it still happens after reloading, then sharing your project will help us identify the bug.

ok! here it is.
wait, .xml file arent supported? THATS WHAT THE PROJECT FILES USE!
i cant.

No, he means to share the link to your project


Weird. I cannot replicate the bug. Can you try to give the steps to reproduce?

Works fine for me

idk how though. it happens on this project from 2020 too.

(and btw go into the editor and enable javascript extension to even have the project work past the first block after when green flag)

wait. i turned off bignums and it works again!