Random decision library

My first custom block library. It includes these:
Edit: The third one doesn't exist anymore, you can use the second instead.
Here is the Random Decision Library!

If you click on the arrow in the item block, you can get the word "random"!
Random Decision Library script pic

You don't really need the Boolean one, for two reasons:

  1. You can put a Boolean value into an Any-type input slot, and you can put a round reporter into a hexagonal hole.

  2. There are exactly two Boolean values, so you can't meaningfully make a zillion input slots in the Boolean one!

i must have thought of that before... lol

Yeah, I think I'll remove the boolean one...

For probablty!
at 2/3 of the time is true,but
at 1/3 of the time is true.

Oh! Right you are. What was I thinking? Sorry, @HighFlyer222. (But you can still use the regular reporter one for Booleans.)

Thats all right

Boolean decisions

Yeah, exactly. Although in terms of how users think, I would have made it %yes times out of %total and use total-yes falses. (Sorry, I'm a teacher, I can't help it.)

ok but its indev
Now its complete!

Yeah, but I don't think re-adding the boolean one.