Random abstract painting

An auto-painting project


wow cool!

We need more projects like these :slight_smile:

The arm is my favorite part about this project, it is such an interesting visualization.

I don't normally like "art" type projects but yours is fascinating :slight_smile:

Thank you guys. It's an easy project but the result look good.

So am I.

I love art projects! But you could make the anti-art-project people happy by adding a second hinged arm and doing the cool conservation-of-angular-momentum stuff, thereby making it a science project too. ;~P But of course this is wonderful just as it is.

@Art-project-haters: Do you include Jens-esque costume filtering projects as hated art? Or are they beloved applied math? :~)

A great piece of abstract Pointillism - Wikipedia

Not normally liking "art" projects != being a art-project-hater

Is it "pointillism" if it's abstract? The whole point, I thought, was to display a figure in a way that makes it look sharper or brighter or clearer than it would if painted the usual way.

Interesting concept. This reminds people of the double pendulum chaos.

Pointillism or not pointillism, that is the question...
.....William Loucheman Shakespeare :slight_smile:

According to Wikipedia, pointillism does not seem abstract...

Others seem to call it abstract pointillism or dot painting


@loucheman has started a new art style. I just gave it a name :grin:

Same. It's like Inverse Kinematics.

hey loucheman you seems to be a good artist.

Hahahahaha!!!! Nice! Didn't know the L. meant Loucheman!

I'm not an artist (not this kind of artist), computer do it for me !

Does the computer do this without your instructions?