Put your mildly-infuriating-grey-ring-anomalies here! Mine's are:
random script pic

Ahh, this makes me want to rip the grey ring's limbs input names off.

doesnt have input names


i am talking about
random script pic

What do you mean? Are you talking about the extra space after the if block?

i am talking about

It shouldn't really matter what you put command blocks in, the hollow shape of the ring should shift.

Also, a command ring, even when stretched, cannot fit 1 command block and it just snaps in.

its the ring, not @coder_07 's all rings or @ten_6044 's space between if

extra blocks script pic

ahh!!! why???

Did you press undo?

It happened when I switched versions a bunch of times

Ah. IDK, then.