QUOTA EXCEEDED error during an ONLINE Save Session

SNAP Version:, WIN10, CHROME Browser 72.0.3626.53

Hi guys,

I started receiving an error during an online session. Picture enclosed.
It has lasted several hours.

I have rebooted and cleared the browser cache etc. and retried.
I was able to start saving the project at least twice so far. I hope it was a temporary cndition.

Any idea if it is something I did or else?
I do not get any errors with the same project in the OFFLINE version.

By the way, I was not aware of any quotas working with SNAP!
This is the first time I've seen this error in several years of working with SNAP.


Try doing "Save As" and selecting the cloud as the destination.

Are you logged in?

I usually do not save to cloud. Just working locally but online, since it is easier to get libraries etc.

Does that mean you're doing Save with the Browser button pressed instead of Cloud?

That's an obsolescent feature, because of what you're experiencing: a small quota imposed by your browser. Instead, use the "export project" option in the File menu, which will save to a local file.

Yes, bh, I now understand! And I realized after clearing caches that it stopped hapenning.

I usually do 'export' regularly.

Sorry to have bothered you guys.

No problem!