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Is this website still active?


Yes? Where did you get the idea that it wasn't? We are still a fairly small community, when compared to Scratch, so it will probably get pretty quiet here for hours at a time.

I just thought so because the website looked like it wasn't updating anymore, and how old the blocks looked. I also thought this was the original Scratch before it became Scratch.

Snap! originally was a mod of the old Scratch called BYOB before it became its own independent program. When that happened it still kept most of the design of Scratch. Additionally, Snap! was made to have its inner workings somewhat similar to Scratch's too.

Side note

If you want something similar to current-day Scratch design in the editor, click the image settings button and tick "Flat design"

I don't think so. I think jens did it in a completely different way.

Well, there are similarities between Snap! and Scratch 1.4. The most important one is that we still use Morphic. But also, the data structure that represents a block includes both its visual information (shape, color, etc.) and its code. A script is a list of blocks, so to run a script you go down the list and run the code of each block as you find it. Afaik that's still true in Scratch 3.

I think the most important difference is the idea of anonymous procedures, a/k/a gray rings, a/k/a lambdas. That has many effects on the evaluation of expressions. We have to deal with scopes of (user) variables, for example, more than Scratch does.

More basically, Snap! supports user-defined functions (and predicates), and therefore composition, and recursion.
More generally, almost everything in Snap! is "first class" (in other words: can be used and manipulated as data).

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