Question with my project

Please see my project in Snap

Of math Tables, Here I have a text engine, and then a dropdown and the text engine prints the tables

Please check it:

And I had another question unlike scratch does snap have a option to make a dropdown as when I draw in costumes editor that time the dropdown doesn't get a proper shape and looks odd

And I had another question that can we convert snap projects to .exe files and like make a snap application to a exe file which can be downloaded

Please respond to my questions as soon as possible

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Hridaya Agrawal

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Snapp is an external web service that packages a Snap! project as a stand-alone executable for different operating systems.

You may find useful

[scratchblocks] write [Hello!] size (12) :: pen [/scratchblocks]

And from text costumes library

[scratchblocks] (costume from text [A] size (72) :: looks) [/scratchblocks]

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Welcome to Snap!

If you don't know how to import libraries, click File then Libraries...

@bh, did you edit this? I received a notification about it, but I can't tell what you changed.

the costume from text reporter uses the write block.

Sorry, I fixed a typo (I wouldn't usually do that in someone else's post but it changed the meaning): you had "File the Libraries."

I didn't notice. Thank you for fixing that.