Question for snap developers

I am using the snap editor code on my site and I am wondering if I am allowed to have a replica snap6 code editor open to public, if not I can take the project down.

Snap! is distributed under the AGPL. This means you can do what you like with it, provided that:

  • You make it clear to users that yours is not the official Snap!, which is at
  • You make the source code available to users.
  • Any new code you add must be distributed on the same terms.
  • Any new code you add must be made available to us.

I think I've remembered everything, but the AGPL is provided in the repo and is the official license.

Oh, this isn't part of the license, but our cloud won't let users log in from your site, only from our official mirrors.

This is a lot about what you can't do, but the point is that you can do anything else. We want people to use our work.

I think that you should modify the Snap! logo in the corner to make it clear to users that they're using an unofficial version. Snap!ddb4 or something.

What is that "us" supposed to mean? I do not remember reading that in the license.

By the way, you have not changed the name of the copyright owner (inside the license). :stuck_out_tongue:

Ya, I knew that.

I'm digging into the code I may need a guide to replace that logo in the corner.

There's a file src/snap_logo_sm.png
I suspect that's it...

Ah, you're right. What the license says is that any new code you add must be made available to everyone. The license used to say that it would be a courtesy to notify the original authors of the availability of such a modification. I guess that was removed for some reason.

You mean at the beginning of the file LICENSE? That's not a copyright notice for Snap!; it's a copyright notice for the AGPL itself.

not the logo file but where is the code that displays the image like; <img src="/logo.png" alt="logo">

I have no idea, but if you replace the picture, you don't have to know. It's probably in JS rather than HTML. Snap! declares one big screen-sized Canvas and then draws everything in it itself.

The fastest solution is deleting " snap_logo_sm.png" from the src directory and adding the logo you want named and placed in the same way as the Snap! logo. If you use Glitch, then you could use Ctrl+f for this job.

Oh, I thought it was covered by How to Apply These Terms to Your New Programs section.

Hmm just saying is that CTRL+f command for windows, I’m using Mac so it might be a whole different command.

The entire text of the AGPL, including that how-to-apply part, must be included verbatim -- no changing anything -- in your source. The place where the copyright notice is customized for Snap! is at the top of morphic.js. (Really it should be at the top of all the source files, @jens. Don't shoot me; I'm just the messenger. You're the lawyer. :~) )

but... it is, isn't it?

Oops. I could swear I looked in objects.js and didn't see it, but there it is, big as life. Sorry!

Phew! I'm glad they're not gonna have to revoke my right to get my law license back :smiley:

Well, I said...

. No offense meant.

I wasn't offended. No problem.