Question about text - "printing" sentences on screen (but not as "say" block)

Is there any way to make text appear on screen? I know that the "say" or "think" block are a way to make sentences appear in the stage, but what if I what to make a game where people will see a "start" buttom, or a small text explaining the game, or a table with the best scores, etc, do I need to paint from zero such things? I hope you can understand my question, but my english is not that good enough to make myself very clear in tricky question :slight_smile:


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One way to do this could be to load up the text costumes library. Go to File > Libraries > Text Costumes and click import.
You could create a new clone of a sprite, and tell that clone to switch to a text costume and go to wherever on the stage.
For buttons, you could use a block to make a costume out of n by n pixels, and then stamp text over it.
Here's an example script to generate a colored rectangle:

write [] size ()

here's a script that allows you to put text in the center of a costume (and save that costume to the costume list) to create a button. Remember to change the pen color to the color you want the text to be.

I created this script because I wanted to create a bunch of costumes with text in the center of one costume. I didn't want to manually do it, so I created this. You don't have to put the add to (my costumes) block.

Hi! I can see the images. Thank you very much all of you.

I tought that there was some kind of block. If the solution is to create scripts, I will check your ideas, thank you very much!!

There is a primitive block, untitled script pic (7), in the Pen category. Just, sometimes it can be difficult to work with for things like buttons.

you're welcome

Thanks for that idea.

Meanwhile, I have these scripts you guys posted here. Or I can create one by myself, using the ones you posted as a guidance.

Thanks once again, to all.

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