Qr code generator

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text and links work

Hmm. An external API, eh? Well, as long as it works, it works. :slight_smile:

honestly it was unbelievably simple. there should be more websites like that


i was unable to find how qr code generators work

you cant input the url through the url

Heh? What's that mean?

for the qr code generator. it was a base link that you just add text or a link to the end of it


you cant edit the tinyurl url to change the output

... Go to a tinyurl url, and change the number by any number. You'll get a website that isn't the website linked by the OG URL.

i dont care about the service. the fact is https://tinyurl.com/app/ExampleURLToShorten doesnt work

You are correct. It doesn't work by adding the "data" attribute in the link. I've added the API link with the source, but not with that attribute, so sadly, https://tinyurl.com/qrapiv1?data=data doesn't work.

i found a live sports score one

I meant "tinyurl.com/insertnumberhere", not "tinyurl.com/app/ExampleURLToShorten".

PS: When I put that normally, without tags, somehow it went to a Google Slides. Weird.

it just opens to something random

No, that was BEFORE putting in the <> to not have it linked to anything. The "insertnumberhere" party was "Put any number here", NOT A LINK PART!


Exactly. It's "tinyurl", ".", "com", then put in any number.