Python To Snap

Hello, i need help on how I could convert this into a custom snap block.

def run():
sum = 0
for i in range(11):
sum += i


You can create a custom block (function) by clicking the + sign at the top right corner of the blocks palette. Another way is by clicking "Make a block" at the bottom of the blocks palette. Once you give the block a name, and choose it's shape, click ok. You will get a new scripting area. Once there, you can create the script like this.


Of course from the looks of this script, it looks like it should be a reporter (round block), like this.


@d4s_over_dt4 Wow, you are explaining the best data, good guy, the top block that is in your picture is a new feature that the developer Jens implemented to create custom blocks faster, WOW, you really impressed me. :star_struck:

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