PYOP: You and the Poo

In this PYOP, Frank Freakbar sings his song called "You and the Poo".

It's you, pooping on the ceiling!
It's you, you and the poo!
It's you, playing on the ceiling, with all your poo!
You actually, actually, pooped on Marisa's donkey before!
Oi! Oi! Oi! Oi!
Okay, you gonna do this!
Two by two, forever!

Do not report this project!

this is funny to me. if people feel the need to report a project, they’ll still report it even if the creator asks them not to.

not really funny, if somebody puts an inappropriate anime girl in a project, and the create tells them not to report it, they are still gonna report it.

It is based of Me and the Pee.
You know that?


it’s funny to me how he thinks that telling people not to report his project would work

Replied to the wrong post

Because its made for April Fools.

inappropriate anime girl

Is it OK if I "steal" that phrase?

I have been waiting all summer to ask you this, what?

you’re back