PYOP: POFF: Frank Freakbar in Space

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This Alonzo
it reminds me a Hulk.

Oh, @nieznajomyh, what a coincidence! The character featured in this PYOP is none other than Frank Freakbar. Here's how he looks:
In the PYOPs, he is best known for toilet humor and harassing/kidnapping Yoshi (in PYOP: Yoshi goes to israel), Touhou Project characters and recently, Donkey Kong characters for no reason at all.

He first appeared in PYOP: Frank Freakbars First Meeting, where he goes to a shrine to meet Reimu Hakurei and Marisa Kirisame (in their PC-98 designs).

He then appeared at the end of PYOP: Yoshi goes to israel to threaten Yoshi by telling him that Frank Freakbar will pee in Yoshi's mouth.

This Project, PYOP: POFF: Frank Freakbar in Space, was made for TOTM. The term "POFF" stands for "Picture(s) Of Frank Freakbar".

@nieznajomyh, the song used in this PYOP is this: IOSYS - Artificial Children (full song and PV) with English subtitles - YouTube
Did you know that Alice Margaroid also uses her PC-98 design, which was used in PYOP: Alice Margaroids Dollshop?
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