PYOP: Is BH Cranky Kong, IRL?

PYOP: Is BH Cranky Kong, IRL?

Please don't report this.

What do you think of this project?
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what evidence do you have?

This project is satire.
The evidence I have is that BH and Cranky Kong have white beards and wear glasses.

that was a joke, all PYOP projects are satire.

but you should put that in the project

I have updated the official PYOP (Poop Your Own Poop) Collection to say that all PYOPs are satire.
Also, I'm working on a new PYOP, "PYOP: Alice Margaroid's Dollshop". This new PYOP is going to star Alice Margaroid (in her PC-98 era appearance) Frank Freakbar, and Marisa Krisame (in her appearance seen in PYOP: Frank Freakbars First Meeting).

This new PYOP is also going to be drawn in a artstyle as poor as PYOP: Frank Freakbars First Meeting and is going to have this plot:

Plot of "PYOP: Alice Margaroid's Dollshop"

One day, when Alice Margaroid was bored, thinking what she will do with all of the dolls she made, she plans to make a dollshop. She is going to run it.
Her first customer at the dollshop she made and ran is Frank Freakbar, a green, mean gobo who is known for his schtick.
The green, mean gobo robs Alice Margaroid's dollshop by tying her up and threatning her that he is going to pee in her gob, until Marisa Krisame shows up and the green, mean gobo ran away. Marisa Krisame unties Alice Margaroid and it all ends.