Put the arrowheads in front of the multiple inputs

image something like this, for exemple
(this block doesn't work, i just tried to reproduce the arrowhead symbols using emojis and character editing)
it would be useful because you wouldn't need to move the mouse for each item that you want to add and there is no risks of clicking on the left arrowhead by accident when trying to click on the last input box

The problem is that when you click the right arrow, it isn't immediately obvious what it actually does, and can be a bit confusing. By having it at the end means that you're adding a slot that is at the end, and clicking the left arrow means that you're deleting the slot that it's pointing at. Putting them before the slots will not have this effect as pressing the right arrow, where should the slot be added? At the beginning or end? And which slot will be removed when you click the left arrow, the beginning or the end? Plus, if there was a slot that is right after the variadic input, you wouldn't be able to tell if it's part of the variadic input or not.

I agree that this is a concern, but I also agree with @ego-lay_atman-bay that your solution isn't the way to fix it. We're experimenting with subtle changes such as increasing the bounding box of the left arrowhead so it's easier to aim at.

EDIT: Oops you want the opposite of that. Back to the drawing board...

By the way, you might not know that you can control where to insert a new slot by right-clicking the slot in front of which you want a new one:

I don't want to change how slots are added/deleted, i just want to put the arrowheads before the slots without changing how it works

But in my post, I specifically talked about how they visually mean something now, so moving them would make it more confusing, because without testing, you wouldn't be able to know what they do. I'm specifically looking in the eyes of a new user, which is something important when adding or changing something in any program. Convenience is not always the solution.

If it becomes confusing, ig it would be possible to replace them with some sirt of -/+ symbol

Or, you could put the left arrowhead to the left of the inputs and the right ones to the right.

That’s also what I thought of but that’s not the way snap is coded

They could make the backwards one act like negative ammounts of inputs maybe?

that wouldn't solve the problem of having to move the mouse back on the right arrowhead each time tat i want to add a slot

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