Purple Guy's Dumb Death


I mainly made the project in scratch, but I did it in snap! originally.

Interesting. Why did you switch?

I had to move the sprites alot and I found it hard in snap!'s vector editor to move the sprites.
Not to offend you but I think scratch's edtior is more usable and easy.

Yeah we know the costume editors need work, especially the vector one.

This sounds amazing, I wish I could watch it.

I actually likr the bitmap editor
(A small tag)me too (/A small tag)
I find it easier to line up the pixels perfectly with bitmap, without slants or other issues.
(And to me using the vector editor is hard. I cant do basic shaped with it. Ya know, besides circles and squares)
()im talking about scratch(/)

I’ll see if I can convert it to snap too, so you can watch it.

Umm I only started YouTube like 3 days ago, and uploaded a video a day ago an it already has 100 views?

Does watching it embedded in the forum count as a view?

yes it should

lol very funny XD

Thanks :slight_smile:

Screen Shot 2022-03-10 at 7.57.53 pm
Umm soo... 2 years later youtube went crazy with the video. 100k views :\

Congratulations. Does this mean you're rich now?

I need over 1k subscribers and a certain amount of hours watched on my channel by viewers. But I wouldn't even make dirt off YouTube.

(In Nelson's voice) Ha ha!

Don't read this

Just kidding. I feel your pain.

I hate how Youtube puts ads on popular Youtube videos, but you don't get revenue from those ads until 1K subscribers.

I have a video which has over 1K views and it has ads. Yet I don't get even a cent from them.

I NEED 102K VIEW ON MY VIDS - Just kidding.

I wish I was just as popular but, you know, no one cares how popular you are or how cringy your vids are because, well, it's a community about trial and error. If your first video was bad, you can always try it again and make more videos!

Or, at least I WISH it was like that. Youtube turned into some idiot competitive and toxic website. Same with countless others.

I don’t plan to even make money off of YouTube, but it would be good if I could.

<small>me too</small>