Proposal Example: Let's Chat About Espresso

This post is an example BOF proposal. I will not be running this BOF. :smiley:

BOF Proposal

Each post in the BOFs category is a proposal for a BOF at Snap!Con 2020. "Birds of a Feather" a loosely organized short sessions around a topic of shared interest to a group. We'll roughly select BOFs with the highest number of votes. Votes indicate your interest in attending a BOF.

What is the title for your BOF?

The Science Of Espresso Making

Who are the speakers presenting?

Michael Ball

Abstract: What is this BOF about?

In this BOF, we'll discuss our favorite tools for preparing espresso, and we'll get into a discussion about "brew ratios": how much water and coffee we should use and how that affects taste. We'll also discuss anything else related to coffee, like pouring latte art.

Should attendees bring anything or prepare?

Just show up and have fun, but if you'd like bring a cup of fresh coffee along!