Prompt, alert, and prompt answer blocks

Basically, these blocks would look like this:

You can use just ask and wait for the prompt block:
untitled script pic (17)

No, this does not make a browser pop-up...
This makes one:
(I am using scratchblocks for blocks)

Those blocks are easy enough to make, so they probably will not be implemented. However, there is an alert block in the Looks category of dev mode (shift-click :snap: in the top-left of the editor), but it only works in dev mode.

Why do you need it to make a browser popup?

Because I want to...

you can use the [scratchblocks] tags in the forum to use scratchblocks. No need to grab the image of them. Also, you can right-click a block and select script pic to download a picture of the script (or block).

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