Projects Missing?

One of my students (username 26landona) has had a problem twice now where projects she has saved are disappearing entirely. Most recently, a project created on February 6th is no longer in her list of saved projects and I remember her saving it like 7 times before class ended so she wouldn't lose that code. I am not sure of the project name because she can't remember it but it likely includes the word "village" if that helps.

Why does this keep happening to her and how can we make sure it never happens again?

Hello! Thank you for reaching out. I've checked the list of users, and I do not see a user with that username. When you create an account, you need to verify the email address; otherwise, the account will be considered temporary, and the projects will be lost. It sounds like this may be the case. Do you know if the student validated the email? Is it possible the student created the project under a different username? Apologies for the confusion and any frustration!

They were saying that the project name might include the word "villagers", they didn't mention any username.

Edit: forget what I said.

Lol, I must've missed that bit.

My apologies, I misspelled the name: 26landena

Hello @Porterr,

I was able to find the student's project. It is located on their project page. Here is a link to their project Let me know if this is not the latest version they last worked on