Projects are auto running when loaded from cloud url

I feel foolish asking this in case it's something I've never noticed but have shared projects always auto run when loaded from a url?

Or was it something that was added in 6.9.0?


This even happens when specifying adding &editMode to url


It's always done it, I think. You can add &noRun to the URL to prevent that.

I think I must be finally losing it :slight_smile:

I felt certain, that in the past, when I've opened someone's project from a link in the forum here, it defaulted to opening in presentation mode but didn't actually run - I'd have to press Green Flag to actually start it.

I liked that, since it let me switch to edit mode so I could look to see what the project contained before running it.

But did this all happen on a different worldline? :slight_smile:

Well one thing that's different now is that there are two ways to get to a project: directly from the cloud or via the community site. And I think they have different rules. Originally the community site also started the project automatically but when a few annoying children started writing crash-Snap! and crash-the-forum projects, we changed it.

You are not the only one, Simon; I remember this, too, or my memory has been influenced by my thinking "if a project just runs, what's the purpose of the Green Flag then?"

From a technical standpoint, the green flag is just like any other event, e.g., typing a key on the keyboard. There's no reason it should be clicked only once. :~)

As a workaround to emulate what used to happen when I inhabited a different universe, I'm now going to right-click and copy the link

I can then paste it into a new tab and add &editMode&noRun before pressing enter

That way - I can inspect the project before running it :slight_smile:

I will copy-paste your idea. Thanks.

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