Project works in editer mode but not on the website


any ideas?

For the site, there are a few flickering issues with the tiles.
Yes, it is true. Projects may run much better in the editors than on the actual site.

Also it's spelled "editor".

Works on project site for me but graphics are not quite as clean
I'm using Windows 10/Vivaldi browser

ISTR that this has been brought up in the past (but not recently) so maybe a forum search might come up with something

When I ran the project in the editor, it looked pretty much the same as on the community site.

I think its do do with co-ords aren't integer on project site stage
Try making sure they are all and see if that cures it

well i spelled it both ways so i know one of thems correct

also, this

is more concerning to me than 'flickering issues'.

so i saved it here,

and i refresh the site, and it says 0,0 for a second but then goes to this

once the flag is clicked the values are set and stay as integers. but i can still clip through corners

ill just try to work on the collision detection ig

From what I can test, some of your x/y values are not staying as integers and I think that's what's causing the issue.

I think the problem might be a problem with snap scaling the sprites down, which in turn (somehow) changes the coordinates.

hm, I guess they could've been updated after the stage is scaled when the project loads, but the coordinates are centered when you hit the flag, and they stay as integer values because they're only ever changed by 4 at a time. for me at least.

In my testing , the x and y positions of the clones do not have integer values in presentation mode

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