Project: UndertaleLikeThing player art

just a bit of a sneak peek for an upcoming game

cool! it looks great! i would love to see the finished product!

ok its probably gonna take until next year if not more though for everything

I also havent decided of a name yet

Thanks though!

thats a long time.

maybe an alternate universe?

Yes, I know

An*, and what?




Also I lost the usb drive that had the assets and stuff :sweat_smile:

Edit: Omg it was right next to me I am an idiot

oh no

No I found it, as it was literally right next to me lol
I was searching for it, then made that post, and I just found it

hahaha i forget stuff like that all the time

haha lol

Pretty soon, I'm probably gonna upload everything to github


A while back ago, I made my own version of a top-down 2.5d game engine, so I'm thinking of either using that, or reusing parts of the fallen @oscar_robinson2's dungeon game

cool, i cant seem to make things 2.5d.

oof, i might release my engine, but im not done with the walls and stuff


ugh, i cant seem to figure out how im gonna make the side view

whats the problem?

i just need help making a side view, thats all.