Project Enigma

If you dont know, the enigma was a encoder and decoder that was used in the World War II era. It was deemed impossible to crack and was the main struggle for U.S. intelligence to crack. The U.S. had a large collection of many people trying to crack the constantly changing code but most of the time they were unable to do it in the 24 hours they had. This was until Alan Turing (the father of the computer) designed a machine that could decode any message in no time.

Project Enigma - This channel is for my challenge to the community. The idea is for every person that wants to join should make there own Enigma, please make it as hard as possible to crack (This includes BOTH the encoding part and the decoding part) when done share your project and post the link as a reply to this. I dont really know what the winner gets other then bragging rights but maybe we can work something out! Have fun!

P.S. I don't know if i'm really allowed to technically make my own challenge for the community, but if I cant they will let me know.

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What do you expect applicants to publish? Software? A list of coded messages?

Perhaps you could make a list of, say, 30 messages, and ask applicants to code them and publish the codes in random order; such that you (and others) may try to discover which code corresponds to which original message?

And I think you should draft some rules, like not allowing certain advanced protocols, such as RSA, Diffie-Hellman or DES/AES, or use of commercial encryption services. How about limiting the number of vanilla Snap! blocks to be used encrypting a/o decrypting?

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Are would-be solvers allowed to read the code of the project that enciphers messages?

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true. but my point didnt require me to day that.

i have an idea. use keys to store data. but how do we encrypt. using camera! similar to how cloud fare works

Are you hijacking the historical thread to talk about the actual project challenge? :~P

The camera sure is a very unique way to encrypt data. I would've never thought of that.

no. you merged me into this. none of this was my doing

neither would i. but i saw cloudfair with the lava lamps so i thought its close enough to the randomness

Oh, oops, sorry!