Program not running on start

I'm experimenting with scenes to create a selection screen from which the user can choose from a list of different games to play using the up and down arrow keys. Everything seems to be working well, except for one thing.

When the program is launched in full screen mode, it doesn't run. When I minimize the stage, I can see a green halo around the blocks, and the code suddenly starts to work. If I then return to the full screen mode, the code continues to work.

I haven't encountered this problem with other programs, which makes me think there's something about the way this code is implemented that's causing the problem. Open to all thoughts and suggestions.



It seems to work as expected for me. What device/browser are you using?

Hmm...maybe it is a browser setting then. I'm using Chrome on a windows machine. Thanks for confirming it is working for you. I'll do some further testing.

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@joecooldoo I think I figured it out. The program is running, but once it's loaded you have to click on the stage before the arrow keys will work. I've been trying to run it without a mouse to simulate what it might be like on a Raspberry Pi using only arcade controls. I can probably get around this issue using touchscreens. Thanks for nudging me out of a rut so I could view it from a different perspective.

No problem! You might also be able to run a script that will click the stage for you when the project starts

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