Program ends right after starting it

I'm making a shoot em' up game, and it was working fine until yesterday. Instead of running the program, it just immediately stops the program. I tried using the step mode to see what caused it, but I still cannot find what is causing the problem.

Could you share the project with us? You can do that by going to your projects, clicking on that project, than pressing 'share' and then 'publish'. You can then just paste the link here.

Please share the project with us.

it runs fine for me

Okay. Please give me some time.

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I also don't know, what's wrong.

shmup script pic

The reason is that console applications once finisher return from their main method, the associated console window automatically closes. This behavior has nothing to do with what your app does or not, or if the app is working well or not.

To "correct" this simple add a pause just before the return statement in the main method

return 0;

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