Profile Tags & Current Projects

On users' profiles, there should be customizable "tags," labels that could be edited by that user. This might seem Facebook-esque to some people, but it's actually quite different. Some examples of these tags are Snap! Developer (for its respective members), Newbie, Experienced, Collaborator, Member of ___, Active, Inactive. These would be useful for forum collaborations and general organization. I guess you could also use these for pronouns, but that's a bit farfetched. However, if the idea of customization is not that great, Snap! Developers could just add preselected tags.

As another update to go alongside profile/user tags, a current projects section could be added. Users could select the projects that they are thinking of updating, continuing, or remaking. Then, they could add a short description that explains what they'll do or what the projects are about.

I think these two updates would make users' profiles less like a blank canvas with scattered projects and collections. I believe that these aren't too much like any social media or communication platform. They're quality-of-life improvements that would make collaboration and Snap! memberships/roles easier to recognize.

that would be cool


Well, "newbie," for example, could be taken as derogatory. More generally, any tag we added that might be viewed as complimentary would become an extrinsic motivation, which is what's "facebook-like" about the idea.

"Newbie" would help distinguish the identity of a person, as forum users could better tailor their responses to questions if they knew that the original poster is new to Snap!. Additionally, the collaboration tags would have significance; it would be nice to know the collaborations to which a user belongs. A customizable tag would be similar to a status, expressing useful information when utilized in certain ways. I do think that preselected options would be more in line with Snap!'s vision/purpose. The Snap! approved options would not have to be moderated or monitored. Although "newbie," which could have a derogatory connotation, may not be beneficial, the other aforementioned tags would. I personally believe that the "Snap! Developer," "Experienced," and "Member of ___" would be the most helpful and applicable.

That would be a nice idea

"beginner" is better than "newbie"


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