Problems with copying Costumes from another sprite

I was trying to make an OS Simulator that copies Data to another sprite to execute other tasks...

But there was a problem:
How do i copy a costume from another sprite to the current sprite using a script?

I tried using the "switch costume" block with a reporter reporting the other sprites' costume, and it wouldn't work! i also tried the cut from/paste on blocks and it also did nothing...

Maybe it could be a problem from my other laptop, doesn't work on Reported Objects, or i'm just stupid. whatever it is... please let me know!

(i didn't like the old days where i ignored the messages because i was busy :confused:
For anyone who remembers this, at least thank y'all for trying to help me.)

Should work. Please show us your code.

You can use this script

(You might be able to drag and drop the first image into snap to get the script)

nope :(

Worked for me

i only got the image
edit: o.O
Edit 2: IT does work!!

@egolay_atmanbay, how did you manage to get that?

Save as and import

Just get a script pic of a script.

long answer

When you get the script pic of a script, it'll add the script xml (including custom blocks) into the metadata of the image, which snap reads, and then imports instead of the image.

It's new to 8.0

oh cool

If you drag a script pic into the scripts pane it imports the script. But if you drag it into the costumes pane it imports the picture.

... with this <> at the bottom left corner of the costume preview, showing that a script is inside this costume. To get the script, right-click the costume, and click get blocks.

you can also customize the costume and the metadata/xml will stay the same

scripts pic test

nope, cant import scripts pics xml

You'd need an image editor that preserves file metadata.

no, import this
untitled script pic
i made it in the snap bitmap editor and exported it

I guess snap does remember what code was in the costume, so that makes sense.

ok, thats what i was talking about

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