Problem with the exported image of the stage

I need to have big resolution of the exported images of the stage because I prepare a video on Vee with Snap. I want them to be in full HD because it is for a competitive examination.
I think that the problem comes when I resize the stage :
The stage is in 1024x576 (16:9) :

Do you see the lines in the first version ? There is a problem.
Any idea ? Why do have this ? Thank you.

Your second picture is in higher resolution (2048x1152) than the first (1084x610). If you are drawing on a retina display (4X HD) and then downsampling, I'm not surprised to see jaggies in some of the lines. You should first set the stage size, then draw.

If I'm confused about the nature of the problem, please say more about what you do when. Thanks.

Do you mean that I have to resize the stage at each time ? Before execute the script ?
Like that : WithScreenshots%20script%20pic(1)

I have another question.

Do you know any way to save the stage inside a repeat loop ? and to save on my computer a list ? By program I mean (because I want to automate the process to have many images, and to know how they were obtained).

No, I mean do it once, but before drawing.

Where are you finding a "set stage size to" block that's a reporter?

I do it before drawing. If I resize manually the stage, the exported image does’t have the right size.

I created this block, the reporter is just the size of the stage.

At pixel level there are extreme anti aliasing artifacts. I'm afraid that only through trial and error, using different OS screen resolution, browser window/zoom, can be achieved acceptable results.

Maybe capturing 4k video then downsampling do the best result.

BTW: full HD usually means 1920x1080

Thank you for the idea !
I'll try this way.

But I'm still looking how to save many stages images -with a resolution good enough-, one after one, but automatically... (instead of manually...)

Hi, Nathalie.

For saving a progression of stage-snapshots you could probably use the pen trails reporter, and just add the pen trails to the projects's list of costumes. That could be done programmatically, but you'd still have to export them one by one afterwards.

I just took your advice. I captured the output of Snap!. Then, with VLC, I captured the screen on an image paused. It gives a good result. Thank you !

However, I still look for an automatic way to export the stage.

Hi Jens,
I already tried this method. You already showed me how to do this. But the images I get have the resolution 1024x576 (not 2048x1024 that I expected because of my retina display).
It is not big enough to make a full HD movie.
This method could work if I could put the stage to 1920x1080, and execute the green flag by program. I don't know how to do it...

Maybe costumes can be extracted from exported "Sprite.xml" with some Python or Perl.

Ah! Well, let me tell you a little secret: If you hold the shift-key while clicking on the message-dropdown of the broadcast block you can select to broad the "green flag pressed" event. This should help you programmatically start the project after you set the stage's resolution to something bigger. Is this what you were looking for?

Wouah ! Thank you @jens for your fabulous little secret ! It is exactly what I need.
But, how could I access the right part of Snap! with the programming blocks after that ? Because I need to activate the display of a variable (which is a list) to export it to my computer, after the execution of the script.
And is there any way to export a variable list by program ?

I resolved my problem to set the stage size to a lower size programmatically before finishing the script...
But I'd still want to know how to export a list programmatically ?
Thank you.