Problem with a literal translation

good evening guys
I'm trying to build a 1: 1 translator, meaning that for every sentence that is typed, the program should give a literal translation as an answer.
Let me explain, basically I can't make the program understand that the sentence I write must be divided into words, the same words should be compared with the elements of the list "A" and then give the corresponding element of the list "B" as an answer

Thank you so much

A good starting point is you should import the 'Words and Sentences' Library, you'll find there a lot of useful tools for dealing with text and converting it to a list.

Second, you split by word block reports a list so you don't need to use call/run at all but could simplify it by setting a temporary variable to split (main text) by word. That would be your input list.

And I'm wondering how you're planning on doing the translation. You'd need a way to access a 1:1 dictionary database and then check the input list, go item by item and find the matching word and then report all of them together at the end. Hope this help but feel free to reply back with questions

I think you mean a gloss. (go to "in linguistics") (I might be wrong, though.)

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