Problem: when i receive "any message" don't work with list

Hi !

I want to send my position (by example) to another sprite with a message.

i broadcast the message (a list).

The message was sent but the hat block when i receive "any message" doesn't run...

Is this a bug or I do not understand the procedure?

I did some tests ...

This is working:
This is working:
This is not working:

  1. The hat block when i receive "any message" never start
  2. But the message is ok: image

Thank you

edit: link to a project

It's not a bug; it's a misfeature. When you broadcast a list, it takes the first item to be the sprite you want (so instead of broadcast it just sends to one sprite) and the second item is the actual message. Now that we have SEND there's no need for this but Jens doesn't want to break old projects.

Thank you !

This is the problem: i don't want to send a message to a sprite but to all the clones of this sprite...

this is how I solved the problem (send instead of broadcast), i don't know if it is optimized...

(I added a pause because the "send and wait" block is nonexistent ...)
(why we have the "broadcast and wait" block but not the "send and wait" block ?)


I don't know, but I believe broadcast list (list (ask [] for my clones) (...) (my [self]) should work
(I didn't test)

Look at this project

1)the broadcast work
2)the message is updated
3)but the block when i receive [any message] is never executed

with list, we have to use the send block... i've made somes example in the project

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