Problem selecting costume from media library

This morning none of our classroom computers were able to select costumes from the media library. When we click on Costumes from the drop down menu the entire screen goes white and eventually only a small unusable portion of the Costumes selection window is visible. From that point on Snap is not usable in that browser tab. We are running Chrome. We can't recreate the issue on our home PCs; the function works fine there. Could this be a memory or configuration issue on the class PCs? Thanks.

this is a bug in Chrome. Google is fixing it in v78 which will be available next Friday. Hang on!

ok, thanks. but why is it not an issue on all computers? I'm running Chrome v77 at home and not experiencing the problem.

the bug gets worse the higher your screen resolution is, i.e. your device pixel ratio. Maybe at home you have a regular display, and at work an ultra-HD one.

we have downloaded a copy of the costumes library for the students to access with the local import option instead of using the media library. this seems to avoid the issue while we wait for the bug fix.

Just to comment that the bug is fixed in v78 :slight_smile: