Problem mit dem Tusi-Paar


I wanted to programm the Tusi couple. It works but it‘s not a circle. It looks more like a pointy circle.

I tried to change the time when the dots start, but it didn‘t solve the problem. I think maybe you have to regulate the speed of the dots, because on YouTube it seems like they slow down at the end, but i don‘t know how to regulate speed on snap.

Somehow I can‘t include pictures in my post but I‘d be really happy if someone can help me.

(GIF from
I don't know how your circle could be pointy. But there's a block library with which you can draw perfect circles. (It's only one block.)
untitled script pic (3)
Just open Snap in another tab, drag this image into the editor, and the block will be imported.

Thank you for your response. I didn‘t do it with a circle but with dots which are moving each on a line. I published this project now and I think you can see the project and the code and see what I mean.

Oh! I see what you mean by "pointy" now.

I think that's the problem. However, this is difficult for me to solve, so I think that I'll let other forum users help you. Although I've been using Snap for several years, I am still far from the best programmer here (people post things on this forum that I still don't understand!).

You can't post pictures due to the fact that you're new here. You probably have also noticed that your posts are reviewed. But this is only temporary, as long as you don't say something you shouldn't. After several posts, you should be able to include images, links, videos, and more.

I found a program on Scratch demonstrating the Tusi couple. Maybe this will solve your problem.

Thank you! I tried it and it kinda works I just have to improve it now.

You're welcome!

I used Snapinator to convert it to a Snap! project and published my own version of it. You can use it as a guide if you want to.

Thank’s that‘s nice. I have a few question about the program:
Do dir and dis mean direction and distance?
How is the big circle created?
How do you make the render-er?

Yes, they do.

I just used the costume editor to draw a circle, and used the [scratchblocks]change size by ()[/scratchblocks] block to adjust its size.

I did not really make it; it was part of the program before I converted it to a Snap project. All I did to edit it was to add pen blocks (circled in red below).