How can I automatically print a script while a program is running with Snap (not in editing mode)? Is there a block that gives the print order?

what do you mean by "printing a script"

I interpreted the question as wanting to be able to make a script pic programmatically.

First-class script pics!!

Yeah, exactly.

Use this script

when green flag clicked
    broadcast printScript
    wait 1 second


when I receive printScript
  say (yourScriptVariable)

Actually, these are costumes (if you didn't know)

That would be JavaScript maybe.

I don't understand this message. Someone requested the ability to make script pics programmatically, and I was agreeing that that would be good. (I think that everything you can do from the user interface should be doable programmatically, but Jens doesn't agree. He thinks that any such feature needs an explanation for when doing that specific thing programmatically would be useful. That's why we have a
Screen Shot 2024-01-21 at 2.08.56 AM
block whose six menu options don't really have anything to do with each other, but each of them has been used in some specific interesting project. So if the OP displays a project in which programmatically generated script pics would be useful, maybe Jens could be convinced. I am saying this not to advocate that someone should actually try to convince Jens, but to explain to you what bar has to be crossed.)

A not very good reason is that first class everything would be awesome. (And when I say everything I mean everything, including windows and stuff, like the costume editor)

Yeah, it's kind of a circular argument. Why would first class everything be awesome? Well, because then we'd have first class everything, and that'd be awesome. :~)

Maybe some sort of metaprogramming project that uses script pics to save?

Yes, more o less, to make a script pic with using a block and then print that image automatically. Similar to when we make a purchase and the ticket is printed automatically.

It could probably be managed with userscripts.

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