PRIMM-Adaption for Snap!-Introduction Course?

Is anybody working to adapt the PRIMM Principle (predict, run, investigate, modify, make) to Snap!? I'm planing to adapt our next course "Introduction into Computer Science" and I'm looking for collaborators.

Great to have more teachers using Snap! !

This is the first I've heard of PRIMM. Jens, do you know any teachers doing this?

yes, I do! PRIMM was - I think - invented by Sue Sentance, and it's become the hot thing in computing pedagogy since. I think Mark @guzdial is basing the pedagogy of his new CompFor classes at UMich on PRIMM, and in Germany, well, Bavaria, the new CS book for 11th grade "late-commers to CS" by Brichzin et al. is also going to be following the PRIMM approach (click on the cover picture to read the whole book).

PRIMM is great -- yes, invented by Sue Sentance -- see PRIMM – Sue Sentance. I'm not currently using PRIMM explicitly, but now you've got me thinking about it. There's a related/competing approach called TIPP&SEE -- Both PRIMM and TIPP&SEE are about how to encourage students to study, comprehend, and learn code. My approach is more about changing the code so that my undergraduates (e.g., more advanced students than the K-12 students in these other approaches) can succeed with their existing comprehension strategies.