Pressing the green flag doesn't let you press keys unless you click the stage

If you press the green flag, you can't press keys.

it's not a security feature.

This is probably because the browser doesn't send keyboard events unless the element is focused.

this bug was probably already fixed in the last 5 months

Your probably on a chromebook. Chromebooks don't register key input until

I'm not on a Chromebook.

I'm talking about @donotforgetmycode_sn

I'm not on a chromebook.

ok, that's weird. it doesn't do that on Windows either.

I think they mean on the project page, not in the editor.

I know thats its about the project page, it's weird.

It's probably another browser misfeature ;( JS for embedding the project tries to move focus to a Stage "when green lag" but it does not work (now...).