Pressed key block

There should be one more block in the Snap! interface.
teletext3 script pic-1
This block reports a list of all currently pressed keys. If no key is pressed, the list stays empty.

Thats what i tried to do with the keypress event listener, and the proc.evaluate, it worked but i forgot to remove them on key up and remove dupelicate

So i can detect more keys.

(Wont let me detect meta, escape, and control.(the built in snap block))

Wait, just asking, can it detect ctrl, meta and escape?

Add alt, shift, ()lock, and func keys pls.(they work when used with a join block, or that.

Thanks, this is perfect! :smiley:

If they work with a join block, then expand the append block and insert a list of the extra keys.

[scratchblocks] (append (numbers from (0) to (9) :: list) ... [alt] [shift] [()lock] [func] @delInput @addInput :: list) [/scratchblocks]

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